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Another sparkly object captured by James Webb

NASA’s James Webb Telescope has recently captured another sparkly and shiny object in space. NASA’s new space telescope, James Webb Telescope has captured another mesmerizingly stunning images of sparkly objects in space which the NASA scientists are claiming to be globular clusters.

Globular clusters are dense collections of stars in space which are generally very old and unaltered. Some of these globular clusters consist of heavier chemical  elements that make stars like the Sun, which exists in the Milky way galaxy.

The image captured by James Webb Telescope has been named SMACS 0723 shows numerous galaxies and the light which is bent in some way or the other. The reason by the astronomers of University of Toronto has named it the sparkler galaxy because the stars are surrounded by little rots of red and yellow colors. NASA’s other space telescope – the Hubble telescope – wouldn’t be able to capture such a clear picture of the stars.

Another matter that concerned the astronomers is that for a star being young, it should’ve been of more blue color, but since the stars in the image are more yellow and redder they tend to be older than expected. The scientists believe that these stars are formed after a few years of the Big Bang. some of them are even from the lot of very first stars that were formed

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