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Android Beta Version Launched by the Clubhouse App

The Clubhouse App, an audio-based social network, revealed Sunday that it would eventually introduce its app to Android after more than a year of iOS exclusivity. The bad news is that the beta is only available in the United States, and it is also invite-only, much like Clubhouse’s iOS version. As a result, not only anybody will access the app’s audio-only chatrooms.

The app’s downloads have reportedly been declining in recent months, so it’s possible that Clubhouse is hoping that accepting users on the world’s most popular mobile operating system will keep it from spiralling any further. According to the analytics company Sensor Tower, the app reached 9.5 million downloads in February before dropping to around 2.7 million in March and just 900,000 in April.

The Clubhouse App said in a blog post on Sunday that the Android edition will be eventually rolled out to other English-speaking markets, followed by the rest of the world. If you live outside of the United States, you can pre-register for access on the Clubhouse page in the Google Play store to be notified when the app is available in your region.

The company said, “Our plan over the next few weeks is to collect feedback from the community, fix any issues we see and work to add a few final features like payments and club creation before rolling it out more broadly.” During the summer, the Clubhouse App expects to welcome millions of iOS users who have been waiting on the app’s infrastructure, which includes expanding language support and introducing more accessibility features. For a variety of reasons, Clubhouse’s download rates could be declining.

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