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An AI-driven Physicist may have Uncovered a new Form of Physics

In recent Physics news, scientists at Columbia University in New York City may have uncovered a brand-new area of Physics. They accomplished this using a novel AI software, and their discoveries might have a profound impact on Physics and our knowledge of the cosmos.

The three primary variables in Albert Einstein’s famous equation E=MC2 are mass, energy, and velocity. The authors of the present study, however, wondered if such characteristics might be found automatically. If they could, the process of scientific discovery should be much enhanced.

Researchers at Columbia Engineering created a new AI algorithm to try to discover a solution to see whether this would be feasible. The program’s goal was to record Physics processes with a video camera before attempting to pinpoint the tiniest group of fundamental variables that could be able to accurately capture the dynamics being witnessed.

On July 25, 2022, the work was released in Nature Computational Science. The programme was initially fed unprocessed video of events for which the researchers already knew the answer. As an illustration, they transmitted a video of a swinging double-pendulum whose angles and angular velocities were identified as the precise four “state variables” of the device. After a number of hours of investigation, the AI came up with the following result: 4.7.

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