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Americans Ignoring a Basic Pandemic Rule

During the ongoing situation of the Pandemic, no one’s health is entirely in their own hands. No field can recognize the situation as deeply as the public health department. Doctors and nurses are treating sick individuals in front of them day and night. Public health consultants are working hard to prevent the infection from spreading to the entire population.

They know that such infectious diseases always give rise to many other problems because they are transmittable and extremely dangerous.Americans are rapidly getting their vaccination doses. The virus is slowly and steadily disappearing from the nation, which is a good sign. But the Americans are ignoring a basic rule of the Pandemic rule, which is wearing a face mask even if they are vaccinated. Wearing a mask is important as citizens should not take any kind of risk regarding the precautions and safety measures.

About half of the Americans have not yet received a single vaccine dose. In the meantime, the Pandemic is still a global Pandemic, which is raging furiously all around the world and which still hovers large swaths of highly vaccinated countries, as well as some of the citizens, who are the most vulnerable ones. It is so far a collective problem, no matter whether or not the Americans are willing to treat it faster.

The US also largely ignored other measures that could have protected the entire communities, such as better ventilation, high-filtration masks for all essential workers, free accommodation for the people who needed to quarantine themselves, and sick-pay policies. As the country focused single-mindedly on the vaccination, collective protections were left ignored.

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